Electronic ballast (EB) for UV lamps.

The power supply unit is used in the following applications:
- Water treatment
- Lacquer hardening

​Ballast water treatment 

Ballast Water Management (BWM): Exchange, Species Abduction & Treatment
Ballast water stabilizes the problems caused by uneven cargo distribution on seagoing vessels. For large container ships, this can be 100,000 tons or more of water. When they are received, organisms such as small fish, mussels, plankton organisms and pathogenic germs, e.g. cholera pathogens - Vibrio cholerae - regularly come on board. These are released again when the ballast water is drained elsewhere. Invasive organisms can therefore have a sensitive influence on ecosystems and lead to the displacement of the original fauna or flora. Species displacement can cause lasting damage to regional industries (fishing). Irradiation of ballast water with UV light is the most effective and least environmentally damaging treatment method. Alternative methods are heating or chlorination. ergo has been active in the field of BWM since 2011. The electronic ballast developed and manufactured by ergo - the heart of the UV-based BWM system - has already been successfully used on several seagoing vessels.