​From prototypes to small series

Equipment construction

In the field of device construction, ergo: elektronik offers you the following services, among others:

  • Design and wiring of customer-specific low and high voltage power supplies 
  • Construction of electronic test systems and special equipment/equipment 
  • Testing with product-specific test systems 


  • Process-controlled cleaning of your assemblies in an automatic cleaning machine
  • Casting with one- and two-component casting resins
  • Various coatings according to customer requirements
  • Automatic line tester for up to 256 signals
  • Optical and functional testing

Printed circuit board assembly

We assemble for you at our location in Ulm from prototype to medium series. See printed circuit board assembly

Soldering techniques

We solder both lead-free (RoHS compliant) and leaded:

  • Vapor phase soldering 
  • Wave soldering in nitrogen 
  • Selective soldering in nitrogen 
  • manual soldering 

See our machinery

THD assembly

We assemble leaded components by hand.

SMD assembly

We assemble all common designs from 01005 to µBGA on production plants of the latest generation.

Examples for assembly: 

Assembly of a printed circuit board with power electronics
Assembly of a printed circuit board with control electronics