electric-compressor​ AkkuAir

The AkkuAir electric compressor in combination with the AkkuTrailer

replaces conventional diesel compressors.

Clean Energy
Whenever - Wherever - Worldwide

The AkkuAir electric compressor is the locally emission-free alternative to a diesel-powered compressor. The built-in screw compressor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by compressing air to produce compressed air. The compressed air produced is converted into kinetic energy. This energy can be used to power a variety of appliances and industrial equipment. Not only low-noise, but above all locally emission-free, the following work can be done, for example:

Testing and cleaning pipelines, exploration drilling, applying road markings, blowing in cables, road maintenance, in open-cast mining, for sandblasting, for geothermal drilling, tunnel and underground construction and for well drilling.

The AkkuAir is placed on the AkkuTrailer and connected to its bus system.

ergo-elektronik develops and manufactures the hardware and software for the control of the AkkuAir.

Screw compressor: AERZEN VMX 45D
Volume flow: up to 5 m³/min
Operating pressure: up to 12 bar
Drive speed: max. 5400 rpm
Shaft power: max. 44 kW

The AkkuTrailer is designed for a wide range of applications and appeals to a variety of industries and customers at the same time:

Civilian applications in the event and sports industry such as trade fairs, concerts, events
Transferring e-cars while charging the battery.
Official organisations such as THW, fire brigade, disaster control, radio masts
Construction companies such as road building, landscape maintenance, municipalities
Military applications such as transport, emergency power supply, mobile charging station

The AkkuTrailer serves environmental protection, cost reduction, flexibility and the expansion of a future-oriented infrastructure.
The AkkuTrailer is a flexible and mobile power storage unit. The basic version contains two automotive Li-Ion batteries for areas without access to power connections. For example, as a mobile emergency power supply for major events.
Thanks to its modular design, the power spectrum can be precisely tailored to the user's requirements.

ergo-elektronik develops and manufactures the electric box for the AkkuTrailer with the following components:

  • On Board Charger
  • DC/AC converter
  • Control unit including software
  • Power Distribution Unit with AC Outlet

Data of the AC Outlet:
Maximum power: 43 kW or 86 kW
Rated output voltage: 380-400 VAC
Maximum output current: 125 A
Output frequency: 50 Hz

Capacities of the battery module:
from 35 to 210 kWh representable
max. 6 x 35 kWh lithium-ion battery modules NMC (PHEV2)

Control and monitoring:
With a dedicated app, you have everything under control:
control functions, control account and monitor sensors easily in the app.

The complete AkkuAir with the AkkuTrailer can be obtained from the company CLICK & POWER.

A flyer with further data and details on the complete programme can be found here.