​Chargers for e-mobility

​The chargers are designed for installation in fast charging stations.

e-mobility: normal and fast charging

The terms normal and fast charging are defined in the EU Directive 2014/94/EU "Development of infrastructure for alternative fuels" and result from the charging capacities used during the charging process. All charging processes with a charging capacity < 22 kW are classified as normal charging, charging processes with a capacity > 22 kW are referred to as fast charging.

Normal charging systems generally operate in AC mode, while fast-charging systems prefer DC mode. The most common fast charging capacity today is 350 kW. This means that the newer generation of long-distance electric cars can be recharged in just five minutes for a range of 100 kilometers. ergo: recognized this trend in good time and developed a 350 kW DC power supply unit - the heart of a fast-charging station. The ergo: Power supply unit is robust and designed for an operating time of > 10 years - prerequisites for a sustainable and ecologically correct energy supply.

​ergo: elektronik team: pioneers in e-mobility since 1992