all around electronics

Creation of specifications

  • Creation of specifications according to customer requirements 


  • Circuit diagram design 
  • Layout creation
  • Design of mechanical components

Hardware development

  • Analog electronics (measurement data acquisition from smallest currents to highest voltages with high accuracies, etc.) 
  • Digital electronics (digital controls with µC, DSPs, CPLDs, FPGAs, etc.) 
  • Power electronics (high current / high voltage applications, power supplies, power supplies, PWM power controllers, pulse current sources, electronic ballasts, etc.) 
  • Test systems (PC-controlled multiple high-voltage power supplies, grid modulators, ion current measuring systems, etc.) 

Software development

  • Digital Signal Processing (TI DSP) 
  • Microprocessors (e.g. ATMEL AVRs, ARM7) 
  • Programmable logic (FPGA, CPLD) 
  • PC application development (user interface for PC controls, etc.) 


  • HF- and EMC-compatible modules (e.g. systems with analog, digital and power sections in a very small space with minimum crosstalk and maximum interference immunity of adjacent components) 
  • Consulting and support for new developments 
  • EMC-compliant device design 
  • Optimization of existing devices 

Examples of customer specific projects:

  • Power supplies and test systems for travelling wave tubes (TWTs) See TWT test systems 
  • Erosion generators (up to 250V/70A/1.500A/µs) 
  • Electronic ballasts (EB) for UV lamps with 35kW 
    See electronic ballast  
  • Power supply for mini X-ray tube (50kV) 
  • AC power supply with 50V/20A/30kHz for cathode heating 
  • Induction generator for melting metals up to 30kW 
  • Inductive / contactless data transmission device via
    rotating shaft 

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